samedi 22 juillet 2017

The Beatles are "Evil To Da Bone"

So, the beatles were part of the Illuminati? And at the same time, they were killed by THEM and replaced by clones...

Why kill members from your own organisation??

And now they're pedos, Satan worshippers and Freemasons (though, that part would explain why the Illuminati killed them. Because they went to the opposition.)

Part of the article in the second link:


The Beatles visited paedophile parties with Jimmy Savile, John Lennon
How does this guy know that?


Swinging Sixties pop group ‘attended Jimmy Savile paedophile brothel’ according to secret police report
If it's a SECRET Police report, how the **** does this bloke know about it?


Is it the Beatles who visited these parties? and is the information being suppressed because McCartney is still alive? Is this the real reason Lennon was murdered was he about to tell all?
Tell what? He was killed by a sick obsessed fan. Also, who wants to bet that there will be a gazillion CT's about McCartney's death when he dies?


It is also unclear whether the group visited with Savile, who was described as a “well known disc jockey ”, or separately.
The report, marked “RESTRICTED”, was written by Detective Superintendent David Gray, the officer spearheading Operation Yewtree, the investigation into Savile and other celebrities suspected of sexual abuse.
Mr Gray examined the paedophile brothel case after it was highlighted by another official report in 2013 into what police knew about Savile’s abuse before he died.
And this proves that the beatles are pedo's... how?

And who's this David Gray? Someone like that Dmitri Baxter?


Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary revealed that a man was jailed for two years for pimping two children’s home girls staying at the flat in Battersea, south west London. The HMIC report made not mention of the band visiting the flat.
*********** what? Also, since when do they call a Child Dealer (or whatever they call these people), a pimp?


Mr Gray found the intelligence in the 1964 ledger may have helped officers in 2003, when a victim contacted the force to reveal an attack by Savile in the 1970s.
1. 10 women stepped forward who were abused by Savile during the 70's AND 60's. And:


The woman told police she was 15 when she was assaulted by the BBC star during a recording of Top Of The Pops.
2. She was 14 (also in the link above).


“However although Savile and a pop group were known to frequent that does not in itself show any linkage or grounds to investigate further, except with the benefit of hindsight.
So, why accuse The Beatles?

Seriously, linking The Beatles with Savile's sick behaviour... :boggled:

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