jeudi 20 juillet 2017

Brit Tabloids: "We've always been at war with (South)Eastasia

"Boss, lookit this Facebook post! Paul Nicholls hurt himself in Thailand and the hospital's trying to rip him off for 13,000 a night!"

> "Who's Paul Nicholls?"

"That bit of eye candy from The East Enders. He still does a lot of teevee!"

> "Ooooh, got any pics?"

"Yeah lots of 'em! Want me to check out the story?"

> "Naaah, just run with what you've got; we're on deadline."

Sun, Mirror and Daily Mail: "Thai hospital charging Brit actor 13,000 pounds per night!!"

No. It was 13,000 baht (that's, oh, about three hundred pounds, you idiots). But apologies are free and the Brit tabloids are the Brit tabloids. Their last group apology came after they ran with an anonymous Reddit story of how two little girls in Muang costumes had stolen a Brit tourist's watch. She even posted the picture of the girls holding hands with her just before the "little thieves" stole her watch. The entire tabloid industry ran with this one, then published their apologies on page 63 under the Country Cricket Fixtures. The drunk found her watch. "Oooh, lookit Alf. Here's me watch. I guess I didn't have it on, after all."

As to Mr. Nicholls? In spite of warnings posted in all hotels that waterfalls are a bit dangerous in the rainy season, he decided he wanted a selfie. The story is enough in itself. Poor guy spent three days at the bottom of the fall, has a ripped up knee (will probably lose the knee cap, from the descriptions) and got an infection of godonlyknowswhat from lying there with his torn up leg submerged.

ETA: To cycle this back to current topics.... I'd certainly approve of the beeyatch from the Reddit story being doxxed. She's still currently referred to as "the anonymous British tourist".

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