dimanche 16 juillet 2017

101 Year Old Woman Sets 100m-Dash Record

I couldn't resist this one. Photos and video included:


Runner's World's Jenny McCoy reported in May that Hawkins first took up competitive running after she turned 100. Hawkins told McCoy she was looking to embark on a new challenge.

"I knew I could run because I'm always in the yard working, and when the phone rings, I go running inside to answer it," she said. "I thought it'd be fun to run 100 meters since I'm more than 100 years old."

My Gramma was 94 and used a walker a lot, and was considered as "doing very well for her age"!

This woman can do the hundred in less than 40 seconds! Say wha'???

via International Skeptics Forum http://ift.tt/2tvC4Hs

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