mardi 25 juillet 2017

Whats the best price/cost ratio 3d printer out there.

I have an idea for a machine that would need to have precisely fitted plastic parts. I am thinking of a number of ways to do this, but am interested in what 3d printing has to offer. I am thinking I need one that can do a plastic part about a foot and a half wide by a foot. What interests me about the 3d printer is that perhaps, I would not need a plant to do it. What kind of printer would work for this job. What kind of training, reading will I need to use such a printer. Are some printers/programs easier to work than others? 3d printing is not my only option, but, I think, would probably would produce a nicer looking product than others. What other machines could you use that would not require a lot of space that would do. Yeah, it will be profitable if I can pull it off. No I do not want to actually describe the machine though, there is probably someone out there that is similar. Have I given up on the book? I am thinking that this might be profitable; in the short term at least



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