samedi 22 juillet 2017

Croc returns body after'mystic' ritual

I found this strange news on BBC: Crocodile returns body after 'mystic ritual'. A man was taken by a crocodile, and the next day the villagers approached a 'crocodile charmer'.

After the charmer preformed a ritual, a crocodile appeared with a dead body in its mouth, leaving it near the riverbank, reports said. [...] A crowd gathered on the riverbank and recorded the bizarre incident with their mobile phones - spawning several viral videos that have become the talk of Indonesian social media.
I have never heard of crocs that do not wring their victims apart almost immediately, so the curious incident does not start with the charmer. I hope that some of the videos will shed more light on what really happened.

Do anybody have a good explanation? I can only come up with the idea that it was a trained crocodile, but that would mean that the charmer is a murderer, and I am not all that sure that crocs can be trained like that.

via International Skeptics Forum

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