jeudi 27 juillet 2017

Mahirishi Vedic Observatory

“the structure of the universe”
The Maharishi Vedic Observatory is an open-air observatory of 10 masonry sundials is unique in the world for its ability to display in one compact form the whole structure of the universe along with all the movements of the sun; planets and stars. These instruments are based on a traditional reaching back thousands of years.

The principle of the instruments of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory is demonstrated in the travel of the shadow caused by the Sun. The shadow follows the movement of the Sun, starting at the longest length, then disappearing, and then coming back into shadow again. This movement of the shadow exactly resembles the overshadowing influence of waking, dreaming, and sleeping on Pure Consciousness-this reality of the three is a mirage. Measuring the Sun from the shadow exactly resembles the phenomenon of locating Transcendental Consciousness from the state of waking consciousness. Waking state of consciousness is a shadow; it's the mirage of a string being mistaken for a snake.


It ain't Mount Palomar, folks. It's not clear to me what this structure is supposed to accomplish. Thoughts?

via International Skeptics Forum

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