mardi 18 juillet 2017

[Split Thread] Plural voting and compulsory voting

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Originally Posted by McHrozni (Post 11922817)
Trump is in no small part a result of the collapse in the Democrat party agenda. He could never win against a credible party that would field credible opponents. Neither could other Republican crazies for that matter. US politics needs an overhaul, at a minimum it needs an end to gerrymandering and obligatory participation in elections. The first one doesn't need a further explanation, the second one should cut down substantially on the negative approach to elections, where the focus is primarily on making the other guy look worse than you do, so the electorate chooses you as the lesser evil.

These two reforms are something that might be doable. I'd be all for something more profound (e.g. single transferable vote), but that's impossible to achieve anytime soon.


I'm not sure what you mean by "obligatory participation in elections".

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