mardi 25 juillet 2017

NewZealand General Election

After the thrills of Brexit, Trump & May, the NZ election is a snore-fest, with the only interest being whether the centuries-old Winston Peters - who has been in Parliament since 1878 - will hold enough power to force his way into the PM seat.

I have no doubt National will do a deal and give the old boy a term as PM if that's where the vote goes.

Crying shame is that Gareth Morgan's Very Sensible Party will get 0.5% and fall into the obscurity from which he arose.

The Greens are dead, with their idiotic, obese, joke of a co-leader admitting to both personal benefit fraud and being comfortable with beneficiaries committing fraud.

Labour must be screaming in pain - their erstwhile partner has shown itself to be a hypocritical joke, while also dragging a guaranteed beneficiary vote that would normally go to Labour.

The main thing about the election so far is how little impact it's having. It's like a Clayton's election. Even the billboards are late appearing, with only the dear Nats having all theirs up already.

Delivering for New Zealanders!


20% more prison inmates, despite a drop in crime.
20% more children in poverty, despite housing inflation in double digits.

via International Skeptics Forum

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