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I said in response to a reply about my "When are the White Lives Matter riots going to start?"


It's a concern of mine here in California, where whites are not even the biggest minority anymore. Pretty soon Hispanics will be the majority. You should see the number of Hispanic names on a ballot these days. And in the world as a whole, whites are a minority.

And, just as most of the problems with racial divides are social, not racial, the racist "minorities" blame my skin color for the social success that makes the difference. And yes, brown and black people can be racists too. Or not, too.

So, a White Lives Matter riot now is a bit tongue in cheek, but is a real concern for the future.

Someday, a riot that starts in a 'dark' neighborhood will spread to burning down the homes of Whitey families, not just their own shopping districts. Which side will the Thin Brown Line be facing then?
and a reply

Nessie: North America was populated by indigenous people, until Northern Europeans and Hispanics started to colonise it. Black people then arrived, as slaves. Then, in need of more and more people to sustain massive economic growth and recognising whites do not have an exclusive on the country, other immigrants arrived and settled.

Just because northern Europeans were originally the dominant colonists, does not mean their ancestors or later, similar immigrants have the dominant right to live in the USA.
The hypocrisy abounds: Those "Indigenous peoples" were merely colonists from Asia. Yet the SJWs decry their doom, being caused by Hispanic and Caucasians. The Spanish were here first, settling in Mexico and Florida long before the English. And nowadays, Blacks as well.

The Whites are the ones being overrun, not only in the New World, but in their home lands of Europe. But that's OK, because White Lives Don't Matter to SJWs.

Does anybody else see the Racist hypocrisy here?

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