vendredi 14 juillet 2017

Alternatives to Pandora

Pandora have just announced that they are discontinuing their service in Australia and New Zealand.

This is going to severely disrupt my lifestyle.

As far as I've been able to find so far, neither Spotify nor Apple Music does the same sort of thing that Pandora does, which is to create a station from certain seeds that I can add or remove at will, allow me to upvote or downvote individual tracks, and then feed me a combination of tracks that it knows I like and tracks that I haven't heard before, based on what it knows I like. Apple Music is terrible at finding things I like, and while Spotify is great for building playlists, it's not so great at finding new things based on the things I like. My big thing right now is that I don't want to have to decide what I'm going to listen to beforehand. I want the app to pick the tracks.

There are other non-big-name music streaming services on the market. Does anyone here have experience with any of them? Oh, and it has to have an iOS app since that's how I play music.

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