lundi 10 juillet 2017

A Jaw-Dropping List of All the Terrible Things Trump Has Done to Mother Earth

At least one part of the Republican agenda isn't being hampered by Trump's ignorance, indifference and incompetence.


Originally Posted by Mother Jones
Goodbye regulations designed to protect the environment and public health.

Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate deal may have followed months of anguished division among his closest advisers, but his administration has proceeded with quiet efficiency in its dismantling of other major environmental policies.

The White House, Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency have dovetailed to engineer a dizzying reversal of clean air and water regulations implemented by Barack Obama’s administration.

Unlike the travel ban or healthcare, Trump has faced few obstacles in sweeping away what he has called “job-killing” environmental rules that address problems such as climate change, water pollution and smoggy air.

“I’ve been very concerned by what I’ve seen—this is about people’s health,” said Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican who was the EPA administrator under George W Bush, and also served as governor of New Jersey. “They are undermining science and people’s respect for science. They don’t seem to care.”

via International Skeptics Forum

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