jeudi 9 novembre 2017

When did we get to the point that Christianity=Whiteness?

When did we get the point that Caucasions and Christians mean the same thing. Christians come from every ethnic group on the planet and significant populations of Christians can be found on every continent from every racial group.

Also Christianity is not something that espoused from European culture, it started and spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa before reaching Europe. Furthermore numerous quotes in the New Testament speak to the equality of all human "races". Plus, in case you weren’t aware already, white people are religiously diverse with a great number being followers of non Christian religions and many who aren’t religious at all.

So why, when a white shooter commits a crime, must we immediately refer to him as a “white Christian terrorist” when there’s a good chance he might not be Christian at all.

Also I’m tired of seeing people say stuff like “If he was white he’d not be labeled a terrorist, but if he were Muslim he would”. Um, news flash, there are many Muslim countries around the world that have populations that are considered Caucasian or White. Sure you could argue that that the government and media are biased against Muslims when calling them terrorists but not when they’re white cause they done that many times.

via International Skeptics Forum

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