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The Trials of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito: Part 27

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Originally Posted by Vixen (Post 12070485)
Amanda may have seen Mez as her 'closest friend'. However, the feeling was not mutual as Mez had a ready made contingent of friends from Leeds Uni.

Being the kind girl she was, she tried to include Amanda in her social crowd.

Unfortunately, the Brits didn't take kindly to Amanda's propensity to show off.

If you look at Amanda's phone records, her texts and calls were almost exclusively to guys.


Originally Posted by NotEvenWrong (Post 12070860)
Man, what a slut. No wonder you're bummed out she's not in prison for a murder she didn't commit. Hey at least the floozy got 4 years, right?


Originally Posted by Stacyhs (Post 12070877)
No one has ever claimed that Meredith thought of Amanda as her closest friend in Italy so why the need to mention that? Meredith chose to have other Brits, with whom she had a pre-existing relationship, as her major social group while Amanda chose to immerse herself in Italian as much as possible. Amanda came to Perugia alone, and not with a "ready made contingent of friends". She deliberately did not seek out other English speaker to hang around with except for Meredith with who she lived. Frankly, it seems to me the "British birds" didn't like an American invading their little clique. Kudos to Meredith for being more open-minded.

So what if Amanda's texts and calls were primarily to guys? Perhaps she just enjoys the company of guys over catty girls. In fact, my daughter's best friend is a guy she met her first day of college. But Amanda's "best friend" is Madison Paxton. You know, the girl who actually moved to Italy just to be there to support Amanda during the trials? Now, that's a real friend.

Thanks Stacyhs and NotEvenWrong. This is Vixen again subtly trying to suggest that Amanda is a slut. This tells you where Vixen's sick mind is. She's more interested in slut shaming than anything else.

But for argument sake. Let's say that Vixen is right. Amanda likes attention from men. So?

It still doesn't make her a murderer any more than if she was a nun. There is NO correlation between sex and violence. I was a very promiscuous young man and I never committed violence against anyone. I find it amusing how Vixen has ignored Meredith's sexual exploration and demonized Amanda's.

The problem isn't Amanda's, it is Vixen's and the destructive lifestyle of religion. Sex is dirty, and filthy. Sex is for procreation only.

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