lundi 6 novembre 2017

Saudi Arabia - whats going on there?

Looking like a one man coup at the moment. Since this is Monarchy and not a democracy there is no real way to take control other than becoming the king. Effectively it was a tribal collective of the original king. No more.

Mohammed bin Salman, the next in line to throne, is clearly pulling all the strings at the moment. Previously untouchable Princes and other power brokers are now holed up in the Ritz under house arrest.

MBS as he is apparently known is keen to modernise SA and reduce the reliance on oil. The long term strategy of appeasing and appealing to the fundamentalist Muslims is going to be wound back.

In the meantime a long range rocket from Yemen has caused minor damage to their main airport and the proxy war with Iran is due to go to the next stage now that ISIS is reduced to a scattered terror organisation. This could end up anywhere.

via International Skeptics Forum

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