lundi 13 novembre 2017

Moments when faith can seem more reasonable than reason

My wife died of cervical cancer at the end of August after fighting it for three years, and it’s been rough. Last night, I woke up in bed and knew someone was there in the room with me. I sat up and my wife was standing there in the middle of the room looking at me and smiling. I was seeing ghost, but for just a few moments, an overwhelming feeling of peace and contentment hit me. Suddenly, everything was okay in the world again. Then I came fully awake, the room was dark, and no one was there. It was one of those dreams you have when you’re neither awake nor asleep, but somewhere in between.

Nonetheless, the experience was perhaps one of the most powerful emotional occurrences I’ve ever had. Months of restless sleep and nightmares have taken their toll, and this was the first time I’ve really felt okay in a while, even if it only lasted a few moments. It felt so real, and the idea that my wife was communicating from the other side, so to speak, to tell me she was okay felt very compelling. Of course, it was just a dream and I know that beyond a doubt, but for a little while I just let myself believe. I understand now, in a way I couldn’t before, why someone is willing to sacrifice reason for faith. At this time, believing she is waiting in the afterlife is appealing, even if irrational.

Sorry if this is so analytical. It’s the only way I could bring myself to write it.

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