dimanche 5 novembre 2017

Michio Kaku: We shouldn't even exist cuz no antimatter

Ok, so I just watched a short interview where Michio Kaku says that according to new findings, there's no reason the Universe should exist because we find that there's an immense abundance of matter, and yet, no antimatter to go with it.

Here's the interview [yt]jrXGfK5I_rU[/yt]

Now, aside from the interviewer being extremely cringe-worthy in her stupid way to conduct the interview (By playing the ol' "ohh I don't understand anything you're saying cuz I'm so dumb hahaha but keep talking cuz this is fascinating"), what bothers me the most is that she didn't ask a crucial question which I think, any layman such as myself, would begin by asking:

How do you know there is no antimatter out there to balance out the matter we have?

I mean, after all, the Universe is like.... really big, right? We probably haven't even looked at a quarter of the amount of Universe there is. So why are we immediately assuming that there's no antimatter out there? There could totally be any infinite amounts of antimatter somewhere in the vastness of the cosmos. And yet, Kaku seems to talk about the issue as if he had already looked into every corner of the universe.

So that's my question regarding this issue. If any science-savys out there can begin to answer that, I would appreciate it.

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