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I am a Holocaust Denier

I didn't know that there was a rule that you had to make 15 posts before you could put links in your posts when I joined. When I joined, I really just wanted to make a ruckus on the skeptic forum by posting this thread. Anyway, I've made 15 posts, so now I can finally have my fun. Here it is.

I will prove by contradiction that the official Holocaust story is false.

Claim: Hitler came up with the idea of holocausting 6 million Jews
Assumption: Causes precede effects
Assumption: This article exists
Assumption: The Nazis started murdering Jews in 1941

The article from assumption 2 shows that the allied media had knowledge of the holocaust before Hitler did, and together with assumption 1, that proves that Hitler is not the cause of the holocaust. Therefore, the mainstream story about the holocaust is false.

Personally, before I found these articles, I got to the point where I saw that somebody must be lying about the holocaust. Either people like David Irving, David Cole, or Fred Leuchter were lying, or the mainstream news media were lying about them lying. The evidence that they were presenting was too straightforward to be misinterpreted if they were telling the truth. It became much easier for me to believe the holocaust deniers after I saw proof that the mainstream media had a long history of lying about the holocaust.

What I presented above is already sufficient proof, but I will offer more:

Other occurrences of holocausts of 6 million Jews in major newspapers prior to WW2. You can still find these articles in the archives of the New York archives. Go check yourself if you don’t believe me.

Testimonies of Jews about swimming pools, movie theaters, and soccer fields at Auschwitz.

Fake Holocaust photos:

An interesting coincidence:

Historical records of populations:

The Red Crosse's record of holocaust victims:

Hitler’s multicultural army:

Modern evidence showing that the media is controlled:

Really if you pay attention, you should be able to tell that the news media is controlled by yourself. I figured it out on my own several years before I started looking at conspiracy theories online and found out that it was the Jews behind it. I could write several pages about my observations of the media, such as how all of the news sites talk about the same thing at the same time, how they avoid talking about real issues, how the media helps the US government lie about wars, and how one can predict future policy and wars by studying the current propaganda in the news, etc. But it would take a while, and I don’t have the patience for it.

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