lundi 6 novembre 2017

America: a nation of sex criminals


Teachers and staff in the Salem-Keizer school district — which includes*more than*40,000 students*— were recently told that if they learn or merely suspect a student is sexually active, they must report it to law enforcement or state officials.

According to*Oregon law, anyone under 18 years old cannot legally give consent, meaning all sexual activity between minors is considered sexual abuse. This policy, district officials say, stems from Oregon’s*mandatory reporting and child abuse laws. But that seems to be a singular interpretation of the law. The Statesman Journal*reached out*to school districts around the state*and found that not one of them had the same mandate.

The subject came up at a training session for teachers and staff in the school district because “we felt like we hadn’t made it clear enough,” as*Superintendent Christy Perry*told*the Statesman Journal.


“We understand that the law for age of consent is at least 18,” Angel Hudson, an 11th-grader at McNary High School in Salem, Ore.,*wrotein support of the petition. “But we also understand that jaywalking is illegal, and everyone still does that. It’s a matter that occurs far too often to arrest every single jaywalker.”

More than 40*percent of high school students surveyed by the*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention*reported having sex in 2015,*which if applied to this particular district, would account for almost 12,000 students. The*average age*Americans*have sex for the first time is 17.3 years old.

Absolutely disgusting! Whole schools filled with sex offenders and all kinds of sickos raping each other with impunity because the cops are busy harassing black people or whatever.

Never trust an American for he's more likely to be a sick sex criminal!

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