vendredi 23 février 2018

Does the media love mass shooting?

In defense of accusations that mainstream media loves mass shootings Alisyn Camerota of CNN says they aren't ratings gold because Americans are sick of it, but the networks actions speak louder than her words. We see the perp in these reports much more than the victims. Here is an article from experts begging the media to quit making these nutjobs famous, and yet they continue to do it... because it's ratings gold. I doubt you need me you to do the search showing CNN breaking these rules for the media on how they should deal with mass shooters. (because they break them all the time)

This plays on human’s genetic disposition to "fear" when statistically it's not something you "should" be afraid of. We had 606 mass shooting deaths in 2016, and while every death is sad, and those who die young are the worst to bear, we have over 2 million people die a year in this country. Rather than spending all this energy on something that accounts for a small percentage of deaths why not work on helping the 40+ thousands who commit suicide a year? Champion stem cell research and prevent the over 100+ thousand who die from Alzheimer’s. Stop denying climate change and fight to save the 150+ thousand a year who die from chronic lower respiratory disease. There are countries that have guns without mass shootings, as well as it being debatable that removal of guns reduces crime. (It may reduce murder slightly depending on where you look and how many years out you look but it increases rape, burglary, etc)

Rather than address the mass shooter address what is causing of the problem: Wealth inequality in America. Rather than giving the rich huge tax cuts and killing 100’s thousands in other countries because the military complex desires us to do it. Make it so our education system is funded so we can be more competitive with other countries in our education. Make it so our health care is funded so the families don’t stress about getting the treatment they need. Make it so that both parents don’t have to work two jobs just to afford to pay the bills and have the money needed for their children. Make it so that the 60+ thousand veterans are no longer homeless. Make it so that the 40+ million who are food-insecure in this country can stop worrying about where (and if) their next meal is coming from. Make it so that young people can see a bright future again in this country.

We have a finite amount of energy to champion causes I understand that guns may seem to be the problem because of the way media agencies like CNN spam them, but they are just a symptom of the greater problem affecting 99% of Americas who are struggling to make ends meet. It may be callous to turn away from those deaths (or any deaths) and say, “other things are more important”, but we are talking about the greater good of the 320 million people who live in America, and the media spends WAY too much time making these shooters famous.

via International Skeptics Forum

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