jeudi 8 février 2018

Google just blocked a "less secure app"....

I got this here message advising me that a "less secure app" tried to log-in on my Gmail account.

Is this legit? They want me to change my password.

What's a "less secure" app, and if they blocked it, doesn't that mean I don't have to worry about it? Or is this the harbinger of bad things to come and a bunch of guys with peglegs, eyepatches and parrot **** on their shoulders are now sitting around a cafe in Rio trading my information.

Thing is,... they don't identify the app. They don't say "Do you want XYZ Shmeckenfurger Software to have access?" They ask if I want to just go ahead and allow "Less Secure Apps".

I would think that Gmail addresses are pretty visible and it's likely to be a brute force attempt. OTOH.... are they saying that the less secure app already has my password and they blocked it simply because it's a less secure app?

via International Skeptics Forum

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