mardi 27 février 2018

Alternative Good - Conventional Bad

No better illustration of the gullibility of many folk is the acceptance of alternative medicine. For many it seems that if it is alternative it is by definition good. The list of alternative medicines and therapies is enormous and getting longer by the day:

Affirmative Prayer
Alexander Technique
Anthroposophical Medicine
Apitherapy/Bee Products
Applied Kinesiology
Urine Therapy
Vision Therapies
Vitamin Therapy
Water Cure (therapy)
Wellness Restoration

When I pass by one of the clinics I see it all on offer - well not all as the window is not big enough but a vast array non the less.

The guys that offer all this in many cases used to be Chiropractors/Naturopaths but now they seem to take on all this other stuff with little or no reservation. If it's alternative it is good!

via International Skeptics Forum

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