jeudi 26 juillet 2018

[Split Thread] Electronic voting

I wish we'd get over our fear of online voting. 99% of America has a web capable device near literally grafted to them every waking moment of their life and even for the small percentage that don't that just means nearly every home, office, library, and internet cafe becomes a voting booth.

Voting website opens a 8 a.m. Eastern Standard time on a Monday and closes at 8 p.m Eastern Standard time the following Saturday. You login to the website and it gives you breakdown all your eligible elections. You pick the candidates, hit a big "Vote" button. Sign out. That's over 5 full days where the only requirement is "Get to some kind of online capable device for maybe 5 minutes" Over night on Saturday all the votes can be tallied, on Sunday verified by some external auditing system to give people the warm and fuzzy, and the results announced Sunday night.

via International Skeptics Forum

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