samedi 2 juin 2018

Insane Maine woman kills stranger with her car


Originally Posted by Daily Mail
Douglas Parkhurst, a 68-year-old Vietnam veteran died on Friday after a woman drove her car across a baseball field in the middle of a little league game in Maine.

Mr. Parkhurst had been near a group of children when the car entered the field, and witnesses say he had been pushing them out of harm's way while trying to get the car to stop...

Diana Bittner shared her account of the horrific moment to Facebook.

"I stood there in horror as this crazy woman, tires smoking, raced up and down the road then drove right onto the ball field. Kids screaming and running for their lives. They tried to close the huge metal gate to prevent her from leaving and she smashed right through it. That poor man was trying to help close the gate and went flying onto the street. It was a scene I will never forget. I'm so grateful she didn't hurt anyone else, but everyone there I'm sure were all as traumatized as I was. Just horrible and so sad for this man and his family."...

The car was being driven by Carol Sharrow, 51, who has been charged with manslaughter...

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