mercredi 13 juin 2018

Apparently Kat Von D is an anti-vaxxer (surprise, surprise)

To summarize, Kat Von D, aka she of the potential anti-Semitism with a husband who has swastikas tattooed on him and makes swastika art, is now getting on her high horse and claiming she plans to raise a "vegan child, without vaccinations", as she is pregnant with her first (I think). She proceeded to then tell people who oppose her stance to unfollow her.

Setting aside the hypocrisy of making a public post about how you plan to raise your child and then telling everyone in advance to shove off with their advice, I find her stance deeply disturbing on many levels. The Veganism is one thing, and while it is possible to raise your child vegan, I sincerely hope she does her research on finding the correct foods to feed her child at each stage of growth after she weans it from breastfeeding (which I assume she plans to do); but her lack of research, or rather research into the woo side of vaccinations, concerns me greatly. Not only is she placing her child at risk, she's placing every other child and adult who for whatever reason (immuno-compromised, too young for vaccinations, etc) can't get vaccinated at that moment at risk. And all because of a thoroughly debunked study from a man who has since been barred from practicing medicine because he flat-out lied in his work.

I have a friend who chose not to vaccinate her children, but with her I support her stance for several reasons. One, she suffered SEVERE allergic reactions to every vaccination she was ever given as a child (to the point of being hospitalized after every one), and she was concerned her children might suffer the same problem. Two, she homeschools and keeps a close eye on her children, and if they show the slightest sign of being sick she keeps them home and does not let them around the other children in the neighborhood until they are well. Three, she plans to let them make their own decisions about being vaccinated once they are old enough to make that choice. She is not choosing to not vaccinate her children because of a debunked study, and she is well aware that when sick her children are a danger to other children and adults who cannot be vaccinated for whatever reason and keeps them home as much as possible. Kat Von D on the other hand is, at least apparently, not vaccinating because of a ludicrous stance that has been thoroughly debunked, and that ticks me off. However, it seems this might hit her in the pocketbook at least; many people are now planning to boycott her cosmetics line in protest of her stance, so with any luck she'll feel at least a minor pinch for her lunacy.

via International Skeptics Forum

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