dimanche 3 décembre 2017

I had to go to the hospital with asthma last night.

I tried to fight the attack off by myself but Symbicort and albuterol were not helping. I called an ambulance and they took me to the hospital. I was injected with two drugs and I had two breathing treatments.

One drug that they did not give me was epinephrine. That drug used to be the standard medicine they used. A dose of epinephrine and a tranquilizer would knock asthma out and you could go home. Later on they used less epinephrine but these days they have stopped altogether.

They said they stopped because the drug induces high blood pressure and my blood pressure at the time was well above the stroke level. Nowadays instead of going to your doctor, getting a shot and going home are things of the past. I was in the hospital for four hours.

Getting back to the epinephrine. The doctor told me that the drug would not treat asthma just cases of anaphylactic shock or the like. I didn't say anything but from personal experience, the drug does indeed stop even a severe attack in its tracks. Did the young doctor not know this or was she trying to discourage me from using my epi pen?

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