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Milo's cancelled book turns out to be a trainwreck (who knew?)

‘There was NO blood, NO semen and there was NO Satanism’: Read The Scathing Editor's Notes on Milo's Killed Book


Before his untimely downfall, Yiannopoulos was in contract to deliver his memoir, Dangerous, to the publisher Simon & Schuster. But they canceled the book last summer after video surfaced of Yiannopoulos speaking positively about relationships between young boys and much older men on a podcast, and he responded with a $10 million lawsuit. As the case has proceeded, we’ve been gifted the true bounty of the Dangerous manuscript, complete with all the comments by Yiannopoulos’ bewildered Simon & Schuster editor, which were filed December 21 as part the publishing house’s response to the civil lawsuit, filed in New York State Supreme Court.
My favorites so far:

Editor comment [A589]:

It is always a mistake for an author to say "I can think of no better explanation." It's your job to think of a better explanation. It's what we paid you an advance for. THINK HARDER and replace this long anonymous internet post with prose of your own.
(caps in the original, hilite added)

After which I imagine a red pen drop (a'la mic drop).

Editor comment [A417]:

Beauty regime moved to box at end of chapter, after Nietzsche section
I find this to be a brilliant way to say "verbal masturbation has been moved to quarantine for everyone's safety."

It would appear Milo found the world of professional publishing had a bit higher quality bar than Breitbart expects. Cobbling together low-brow humor with internet discussion comments, failing to use a consistent voice, and opening your publisher up to libel suits tends to go poorly.

The editor is one Mitchell Ivers and if I had disposable income at the moment, I would be heartily sending a bottle of fine wine this man's way :9.

ETA: While Splinter News is not a source I'd consider for serious analysis, the manuscript and notes are the focus of my attention.

via International Skeptics Forum

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