mardi 8 août 2017

UFO Contactees: Whatever Happened To...?

There are so many loose threads, apparent dead ends in reconstructing the early history of the "Contactees".

Whatever happened to Charles and Lillian Laughead after the Dorothy Martin debacle, including whatever happened in the Andes?

Whatever happened to Bryant and Helen Reeves after their "Flying Saucer Pilgrimage"?

What *really* happened to George Hunt Williamson when he took on other identities, saw von Daniken steal his ideas and died penniless in a spare room supported by a more wealthy friend?

How did Williamson and Miller really meet? How many of these people connected through Meade Layne's spiritualist/Fortean groups and publications?

What role did the movements of William Pelley, Guy Ballard, Psychiana and the theosophists play in the development of the cultic milieu that birthed and sustained the early activities?

And so many questions! Am I in the right place or is there another, more appropriate or specialized UFO forum? :)

via International Skeptics Forum

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