mercredi 9 août 2017

Odd coincidence

I live in Conyers and on Railroad street, there is a very old house. It is well over 100 years old having been built when cotton was king in the southeast. It is two stories high and has a history of being haunted.

I was having a drink with a Mexican friend and I told him about the house. I told him that I had been through every nook and cranny of the house and has seen nothing that remotely resembled a ghost.

He told me that a Mexican could find one because his people were more attuned to the supernatural than Anglos were.

The house was purchased fixed up beautifully and a Mexican American lawyer has moved his office to this now wonderfully restored house. He has offices upstairs and down.

I wonder if he ever saw a ghost? He had a Holloween party there last year.

I don't believe in ghosts for the record.

via International Skeptics Forum

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