vendredi 11 août 2017

The 2017 anniversary of 9/11 - not happening in Trutherland

It's only a month till the next anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy rolls in. Of course we expect the millions that have woken up since last year to join the millions already awake in 2016 to join all the rallies, sit-ins, conferences, marches, prayers etc. that demand a new investigation, right?

Perhaps they kicked me off their mailing list, but I have not received a newsletter from AE911Truth since June.
Nor can I find any thrilling events organized by Gage and his minions on their webpage (last news entry: June also)
Nothing on Facebook.

I have not seen any event scheduled for September 11 on 911Blogger

And even the 911TAP event calendar is empty, except for a monthly conference call:

What a mighty Movement this is! :rolleyes:

via International Skeptics Forum

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