vendredi 11 août 2017

An Objection to an Objection | Claim #1: Child Reincarnation Stories

In this thread, I was hoping that I could get a chain of objections going, the purpose of which is to not settle on some single objection we have to a claim and leave it at that, but to dig deeper and see where it leads us. So I will make an objection to an objection in this post and in the next post someone will object to my objection and in the post after that someone will object to their objection until we've reached a point where you can't make any more objection. I thought we would do this with child reincarnation stories. If you don't know what that is, it's when a child claims to remember a past life and the parents or a researcher or researchers are able to verify the details about the past life (google if you wish). I don't want to focus on Ian Stevenson but just what the case is by itself.

I'll begin:

Claim: Reincarnation is real.

Evidence: Children's past life memories are verified.

Objection: Cryptomnesia: Children get "past life memories" from various sources in their life such as a television, or a book and forget where they got it from and mistake it for a past life memory.

Objection to objection: There are cases where a child remembers being someone so obscure that there is practically no way to come across information about them other than deliberately searching for it.

After this someone would object to that last objection and then the chain starts.

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