jeudi 15 juin 2017

Why I hate America

I'm a liberal. I admit it. Heck I'm proud of it. In fact those online poll things often say I'm actually a socialist...and Dean from Supernatural. Which is so bogus since I'm clearly Sam!

So of course when I see that far right wing blog Charismanews has posted a list of all the things I hate about America...well I can't but help read it. Surely it will be refreshing to see all the things I hate spelled out in list form.

Well I was sure in for a surprise. Turns out I hate things like "success" and "cheeseburgers" which I could have sworn I liked. In fact it turns out I hate "The American People" as a whole which surely also I was unaware of.

Actually here it is and I color coded it. Bold for things I actually like, highlights for things I think are largely good but with some need for fixing and a strike through for the things I actually hate. I hope the mods will allow this since I'm commenting on the whole of the thing.

  1. The U.S. Constitution
  2. Liberty
  3. Freedom
  4. Success
  5. Big Trucks
  6. Capitalism
  7. Free Markets
  8. Wealthy People
  9. Economic Prosperity
  10. The Rule of Law
  11. Traditional Values
  12. The American Flag
  13. The Founding Fathers
  14. Guns
  15. Limited Government
  16. Religious Freedom
  17. Homeschooling
  18. Private Schools
  19. Christian Schools
  20. Entrepreneurs
  21. Ronald Reagan
  22. Donald Trump
  23. Mike Pence
  24. Country Music
  25. Rush Limbaugh
  26. The Tea Party
  27. Lower Taxes
  28. Old-Fashioned Light Bulbs
  29. Jesus
  30. The Bible
  31. The Christian Faith
  32. The Drudge Report
  33. John Wayne
  34. Alex Jones
  35. NASCAR
  36. Tupperware
  37. Big Cheeseburgers
  38. Football
  39. Clint Eastwood
  40. The Army
  41. The Navy
  42. The Marines
  43. The Air Force
  44. Ron Paul
  45. Rand Paul
  46. Marriage
  47. Family
  48. Babies
  49. Wal-Mart
  50. Flag Pins
  51. Steakhouses
  52. Chuck Norris
  53. Bottled Water
  54. George Washington
  55. The 1st Amendment
  56. The 2nd Amendment
  57. The 10th Amendment
  58. The Pledge of Allegiance
  59. McDonald’s
  60. Coca-Cola
  61. Fried Food
  62. Muscle Cars
  63. Charlie Daniels
  64. Dolly Parton
  65. Duck Dynasty
  66. Johnny Cash
  67. Sarah Palin
  68. Cheesesteaks
  69. Sean Hannity
  70. Rodeos
  71. Cadillacs
  72. Barbie Dolls
  73. Ted Cruz
  74. Fiscal Sanity
  75. Charlton Heston
  76. Israel
  77. Benjamin Netanyahu
  78. Miners
  79. Loggers
  80. The Coal Industry
  81. National Sovereignty
  82. National Borders
  83. Uncle Sam
  84. The Washington Redskins
  85. Small Businesses
  86. Self-Employment
  87. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
  88. Military Veterans
  89. The Phrase “Islamic Terror”
  90. Big Families
  91. The Bible Belt
  92. The Creation Museum
  93. The 10 Commandments
  94. Anyone That Is Pro-Life
  95. Anyone Who Disagrees With Them
  96. Hard Work
  97. Patriotism
  98. Winning
  99. The Truth
  100. The American People

By the way I'm a bit confused about the inclusion of Israel and Netanyhu.

Fellow liberals, how did the list reflect your hatreds?

via International Skeptics Forum

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