mercredi 21 juin 2017

My work Google account disabled and I am worrying

I work in education - for a group that runs charter schools in different cities. I am a substitute teacher/instructional aide. I have not worked much this past semester because my mom had a fall in December and much of my time has been spent selling my house, moving and establishing a care-giving routine for my mother, who I now live with.

Now I'm in a position to work at least part-time in my new city. When I tried to email the corporate recruiter on my workplace gmail account, I found out that my account has been disabled. I can still long in as an employee of the chain, so I don't think I've been fired. Last time I checked the principal where I used to work was giving me a good recommendation.

I can't reach anyone at work about this until at least next week. I'm feeling very paranoid, trying to think what terms or policies I might have violated. I even worry that my employer can use the account to spy on me when I'm using other applications on my personal laptop - i.e., my Earthlink email account. Is this even possible? Any of you work in IT or human resources?

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