mercredi 21 juin 2017

Who was fooled by a faked video: Putin, Stone, both?

In a segment of a teaser for Oliver Stone's documentary film on-with Putin, Vladimir shows to Oliver, with his smartphone, and comments, a video purportedly showing the glorious VKS (Russian Aerospace Forces) doing a great job against "militants" in Syria:

at 0:08 in this Youtube version: [yt]qE4V6exYh2M[/yt]
and at 0:34 in this Russian TV1 version (with an interesting subtitled comment from Putin, translating to Stone, "Pilot says that he's going to make another attempt", indicating that language in the video is Russian).

That short segment sparked internet sleuths to investigate, and the results of their work are quite entertaining:

Nick on Twitter was apparently the first to find that the video Putin showed to Stone was identical to one posted on Youtube in 2016, where the soundtrack of the original video, which was a footage from American AH-64 Apache helicopters in Afghanistan in 2009, had been replaced by Russian language military pilot talk, and falsely presented as being from Russian Mi-28N in Syria!
Side by side comparison of both videos doesn't leave any room to doubt.
The original 2009 footage, as posted in 2012 under the title "2 Apaches Engage Taliban Platoon" on
The Youtube faked video, where soundtrack of the original 'AH-64 in Afghanistan' footage was replaced by one in Russian, and entitled as been from Mi-28N in Syria:

Then others found the original Russian language soundtrack inserted in the faked one, which proved to be from Ukrainian pilots attacking Kremlin-backed separatists in Donetsk airport (Donbas) in 2014 :D :

Some comments posted since yesterday on the Youtube page of the faked video are worth reading, even if -like I did- through Google Translate.

via International Skeptics Forum

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