samedi 24 juin 2017

Is the "Left to Right" political spectrum an accurate way to look at politics?

Short version; see title.

To expand somewhat. In common parlance it is common to place people's political opinions on a spectrum from the Left (here in the States usually representing Liberalism and the Democratic Party) and the Right (here in the States usually representing Conservatism and the Republican Party).

Are we as a society making political discussions more difficult because of that?

*Notes. I'm going to be using current United States terms as they are used "person on the street" level. I'm aware that in other countries these terms vary and that I'm not necessarily following the "technical" definition of some of these terms.

Some issues I see.

1. The tendency to lump Left/Liberal/Democratic Party and Right/Conservtive/Republican Party into singular entities which isn't at all accurate.

2. A base tendency to force us into Us V Them thinking and all the inane B.S. political argumentatives that comes with that.

3. The tendency to see political victories as winner take all, first past the post things.

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