vendredi 23 juin 2017

Off-duty St. Louis officer injured by friendly fire after police chase of stolen car

It's time to play America's favorite game show! "Is there any situation in which it's not OK for a police offer to shoot a black man?"


But police now say the off-duty officer was shot by a fellow cop who did not recognize him as an officer, in a separate encounter away from the initial crash.

According to a department summary of the incident released later Thursday, two officers who encountered the armed off-duty officer ordered him to the ground. He complied. When they recognized the off-duty officer, they told him he could stand up and walk toward them.

Another officer just arriving at the scene saw the off-duty officer get up and, not knowing he was an officer, fired his weapon once at the man. He hit the off-duty officer in the arm, the department said.

via International Skeptics Forum

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