mardi 6 juin 2017

[Urgent Attention] Mr Nasty and his big stick of section suspensions

We're going to be placing this section under "special measures". The section has become too rambunctious so as we've done in the past in this section and other sections we'll be amending how we moderate.

From today we are introducing "suspension from this section" (still keeping the usual forum-wide suspension), since this isn't as draconian as the standard suspension we will resort to it much more quickly that we would impose the standard suspension.

This will mean ignoring a mod-box warning will result in an immediate suspension (at least) from this section, it will only take a few moderation actions over the course of a week to find yourself barred from this section.

We'll run this for a month and then review - if it seems to have achieved its goal i.e. the section goes back to being like most other sections in regards to behaviour of members we'll lift the special measures.

via International Skeptics Forum

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