jeudi 1 juin 2017

President Obama's legacy is strong & holding

President Obama accomplished a lot of great things, and many great things happened in America during his administration.

Most of these things have been preserved by Trump and are likely to stay strong.

These accomplishments are:

-the ACA/Obamacare

-FDA regulatory authority over tobacco products

-Dodd-Frank financial sector regulations

-trucks & SUV fuel efficiency standards

-the New START nuclear weapons treaty

-Americans can visit and do business with Cuba

-taxes on the rich are at 42%

-Planned Parenthood/PBS/NEA are still funded

-Gays are allows in the military

-Gay marriage legal

-the Iran nuclear deal

-Osama bin Laden killed

-free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama & Columbia.


The State of President Obama's legacy, is strong.

via International Skeptics Forum

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