vendredi 11 août 2017

Was Stalin really that bad

To avoid derailing discussion about North Korea....

I'm with Craig B on this one


Originally Posted by Craig B (Post 11952873)
It is beyond all doubt that millions of people died of hunger and disease in Ukraine alone (and other huge numbers elsewhere in the USSR) in the famine that followed the collectivisation of Agriculture by Stalin in and after 1929. The questions at issue are

How many millions?

Was there any specific use of famine to destroy Ukrainians as an ethnic group, or did the victims die because they were peasants in a grain exporting region, and so suffered the results of collectivisation in their most extreme form?

Only in the first case would the crime (because it was a crime) have been genocide as such. I think it probably wasn't. It was a dispossession of a peasant class, comparable with the Enclosures in England, the Highland Clearences in Scotland, and the Famine-Emigration in Ireland; however it was not the same sort of crime as the Holocaust.

But it was not a Nazi propagandist invention, alas. It was real.

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