mercredi 9 août 2017

Trying to find a sci-fi book I read as a kid

Unfortunately, I can't remember a great deal about it, so I'm hoping someone here is familiar enough with it to recognise it from very sparse information.

The premise, as I remember it, has a contemporary man (I'm thinking 80s, but maybe 70s) killed in some unique way and then being resurrected in the future in an also unique robot body that looks and feels like a human body, but has all the advantages (like strength) of a robot.

The only other things I can remember are that he pilots a spaceship at some point; that he has the companionship of a couple of women, and that he sleeps with both of them simultaneously; and that there's a scene where he realises that he can sit comfortably without the use of a chair by locking his legs in a sitting position.

That's all I can remember, which I know isn't a lot to go on at all. It's possible that the title has the word "sun" in it, and that maybe the plot revolves around him having to save the Earth from some sun-related disaster or something, but I say both of those things with a very low percentage estimate of certainty. I don't remember it being particularly good, but I do remember it being quite fun, and I think I'd enjoy revisiting it.

I am trying to think of another one, but I may have recalled it. There was a novel which felt "old-fashioned" to me in which the protagonist had to travel through lots of different worlds by stepping on numbered steps, as if disconnected stairs from a staircase. I think this is probably James Blish's The Jack Of Eagles. Does that sound right to anybody who knows that story well?

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