vendredi 4 août 2017

Rex Tillerson is not quitting !

According to this BBC report, rumours are circulating that Rex Tillerson is about to resign as Secretary of State. These rumours are strenuously denied.

According to the BBC report, unlike other departments, the State Department had a good start.


And it's common when secretaries of state first enter the job for career officers to complain that new bosses are aloof and their staff insular.

The difference this time is that the former Exxon chief executive actually sold himself well on the shop floor: he was welcomed on day one as the acceptable face of the Trump administration by employees who wanted him to succeed.
....but this has apparently soured :(


But many have since grown disillusioned and demoralised.

The environment is "toxic", says Nancy McEldowney, the director of the Foreign Service Institute, who retired early last month because "the situation had become untenable".
IIRC a large number of key posts are still vacant so maybe that's a major factor and The President changing foreign policy on the fly during Tweetstorms can't help either, and then there are the financial considerations.....


When it comes to the State Department, Tillerson's been saddled with a proposed budget cut so draconian that even Congress isn't taking it seriously, from an administration that has demonstrated it values the military over diplomacy.
Then again it could just be career civil servants (a.k.a. Washington Swamp Dwellers) complaining about the Trump Administration's constant state of winning ;) :rolleyes:

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