vendredi 11 août 2017

Purpose of Life

I like to subject my views to skepticism, so I'm still working out the kinks of this.

In the beginning there was infinite potential. This infinite potential was God. God became aware of itself but could not experience itself because it was infinite and things can only exist in a finite form (after all, everything around you is finite), so God actualized it’s potential and became finite in the form of the universe, meaning everything and everyone is God (still working out the contradiction of how God can be aware of itself yet only experience itself when finite). So, God created the universe to experience itself, but it did not just want to experience itself as a tree or a dog or a human, it wanted to experience it’s essence, so the souls that inhabit various life-forms, through the process of reincarnation starting from the lowest forms of life and going toward the highest gradually evolves until it becomes God-like, perfect. Once perfect, this is God experiencing itself, and after a soul reaches perfection and thus no longer has to reincarnate, it merges with God, which would be the greatest bliss possible. And after all souls merge back with God, the process starts over again but this time with the lessons learned from the previous universe incorporated into the new universe. So the purpose of man, or the soul of man, is to become perfect, the purpose of man in a particular life is to grow, which you do through the experiences of life and your use of free will. You supposedly choose your parents and family to meet your particular growth needs and also program certain life experiences into your incarnation.

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