jeudi 10 août 2017

Guess who is triggered by the Statue of Liberty?

Breitbart is!

Yeah Vogue released their anniversary issue and decided to devote it to Freedom and Liberty. They also made the seemingly non-controversial decision to put Jennifer Lawrence on the cover because fashion mags like beautiful women I'm told. Oh and in the background there is the Statue of Liberty.

The text on the cover, in its entirety (minus the credits), reads:
American Beauty
Jennifer Lawrence on love, liberty, and the freedom to be herself.

125th Anniversary Edition.
So...something there prompted Breitbart writer John Carney to take to Twitter and opine:
We are going to create a full #MAGA shadow cultural industry because the Opposition Media can't even do fashion without attacking us!
It was the Oxford comma, wasn't it?

Oh no, it apparently was the inclusion of the statue of liberty and Carney thinks using it is an attack because right now the crazy idea that the statue advocates letting in dirty immigrants is being spread around in the media. That idea isn't crazy at all and certainly isn't a sign that someone has a huge persecution complex or anything.

Nope, just that evil fashion Opposition Media trying to sabotage #MAGA. Next thing you know they'll put American models out of work by importing ones from Slovenia!

I guess it is now up to the Alt-Right to create their own shadow fashion industry. I'm sure that wouldn't be hilarious. Will they bring back shoulder pads on female power suits? Will their spring sundresses be all camouflage? What about infinity scarfs? WHAT ABOUT INFINITY SCARFS!?!

via International Skeptics Forum

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