mercredi 2 août 2017

Actors, Enactors, and Reenactors

In this philosophical framework, it is postulated that people fall chiefly into one of three categories. Also recognized is that most people will not fit neatly into one of these categories, so perhaps assigning a primary and secondary would be a good approach. Well, I'll just throw this out there and see if it is any interest to anyone :thumbsup: I think it needs a lot of work still.


Exaggerate their emotions
Create drama out of life situations
Always have something to say
Talk to different people very differently (a chameleon approach)


Creators, movers/shakers
They produce new ideas, build things, etc. They "Enact".
Agents of change


They reenact previous acts
These can be specific acts (a famous battle)
Or just a generic tradition (High Tea)
Or even telling a story they experienced or heard second hand
They draw happiness from this simulation / homage
They have empathy and understand different points of view

via International Skeptics Forum

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