mardi 7 août 2018

My state is burning down!

A month ago I went on a very pleasant camping trip. I stayed in a well maintained campground in the high mountains. I swam in a nearby river of super cool and clear water. Fished a bit downstream. Climbed rocks over a buried glacier and then relaxed at a nearby lodge where I bought lunch.

Yesterday all of that burned. The campground, the canyon, the lodge. This new fire, at about 15000 acres, is just a drop in the bucket of what is happening all across California right now. We've had consistently smokey skies for nearly a month now and my asthma is not liking it at all.

I'm not sure what is making this summer so much worse. Certainly I don't buy into Trump's weird idea that this is all because we don't divert rivers to almond farmers. What I do know is that this is an ongoing huge disaster and I'm a bit pissed that the only remarks we've had from the President about it are accusations that we created the disaster by not "tree clear" enough.

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