vendredi 2 février 2018

Email issue, idiot level assistance needed,

Ok guys, I am not even sure how to put my computer problem into words...but I will try

My old computer died... now I used to be able to access my emails on my mobile device and also on my computer. The computer was a permanent record and if I read that first then I couldn't view them in my mobile devices.

Since the new computer I can still view them by logging into my account at the servers but I not only have lost all my prior messages( which I had imagined were somehow on the server permanently) BUT, and this is the biggie for me, I can't work out how to download them so they vanish off my mobile devices.
I can't delete them on my phone for example as then they are gone for good but my poor phone is now full as.....

Can some clever person please help me, but do so in plain English, I totally acknowledge my lack of any form of computer ability...:):):)

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