jeudi 9 novembre 2017

The Private Health Insurance Market

I got a letter from my insurer that they no longer offered health insurance
in Tennessee. Odd, since many insurers locate their headquarters in Nashville.
I start looking for private health insurance and I literally cannot find anything
outside of the health exchanges.

Last year I had choices of Aetna, Assurant, Celtic, IHC, Humana, Time,
United Healthcare outside of the exchanges. All gone now. If I live in one
of the five biggest cities, I can get Blue Cross; otherwise, one can only
get Cigna everywhere else. That leaves two options for next year.

Go with the gold plan that has a high total out of pocket cost of twenty
thousand dollars per person and forty thousand dollar per individual at
four times the rate I pay now. Or pay twice as much for the bronze plan
and not have coverage outside of their network. Around here that will
require a quite a bit of travel due to spotty coverage.

Longer term, I have two options. One find insurers outside the United
States who provide coverage. Or, close down operations and move to
another country. Does anyone know anything about the first?

via International Skeptics Forum

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