mercredi 8 novembre 2017

Hamilton 68 Dashboard

The name is a nod to Alexander Hamilton, who in the Federalist Paper #68 warned of foreign interference in politics. That's what I read on their website, I haven't read the Federalist Papers.

What this site does is it tracks trends from known Russian propaganda sources, and basically puts together a portrait of Russian propaganda efforts and what they want us to be talking about and focusing on.

So for example, if we glance over the "Top Themes" section we see:

Of those URLs, 30% were anti-Hillary Clinton, 11% were anti-Robert Mueller, 7% were anti-Barack Obama, and 4% were anti-Tony Podesta (several URLs attacked a combination of or all of the above figures). The most common theme was collusion between Democrats and Russia: the Uranium One deal and the DNC’s funding of the Trump dossier were common points of emphasis (featured in 14% and 11% of all URLs respectively). Republican critics of the president—John McCain, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and even Rex Tillerson—were each the focus of one negative article. Eight URLs (7%) focused on the terror attacks in Manhattan, with half of the stories promoting anti-Islam or anti-immigration narratives, including three stories that blamed Democrats for the diversity visa lottery program. Other prominent topics were sexual misconduct in Hollywood (5%), NFL anthem protests (3%), and Vegas conspiracy theories (3%). As usual, Syria was the most common geopolitical topic (9% of all URLs).

Which shows us what Russia is pushing and where its priorities are in covertly influencing political dialogue.

via International Skeptics Forum

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