mardi 1 août 2017

Republicans who WEREN'T in favor of that mass-murder bill

We all know of two who said all along they'd vote against it, and voted against it. No questions there.

Then there's McCain, who gave a speech against it but then self-contradictorily voted yes on a procedural vote to allow it to move to the next stage and be voted on for real, then doubled back and voted against it in the actual vote for passage. Is it possible, given both that speech against it and his vote against it in the end, that his procedural "yes" in the middle was some kind of ruse or trick of the Senate's rules? For example, does sending a bill on to a pass/fail vote and then killing it make it harder to resurrect later?

And then there were, we're told, some others who originally opposed it but were then brought into line. Have any of them given any public comments on what made them vote in favor of something they'd said was wrong before? Did any of them add their votes against it after McCain's vote, once they knew it wouldn't matter? And since switching like that was a possibility, wouldn't that undermine the logic of such a gambit as above from McCain, knowing that it was also possible for one or two more people to switch the opposite way from him so the thing would pass anyway?

via International Skeptics Forum

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