dimanche 2 juillet 2017

University students are becoming like Donald Trump


University students are not learning analytical thinking skills, becoming like Donald Trump


leaping to conclusions based on fake news and social media snippets — because they are not being taught critical thinking properly, a Flinders University expert says.
Dr Sandra Egege said her review of US and Australian research showed students were not picking up critical thinking skills in their studies, so universities needed to teach them more explicitly.
Dr Egege said university graduates had no better reasoning ability than high school graduates — particularly worrying given high schoolers were becoming less literate — and there was no difference across degree programs.
“We are so focused on teaching students the content of a subject that we are not giving them the skills to think logically and analytically about that subject,” she said.
“Students are in danger of thinking like (US President) Trump — they don’t think critically — they like to jump to conclusions based on fake news and opinion.

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