mercredi 5 juillet 2017

Man's ability to throw accurately sets him apart.

After few beers on the 4th I was cleaning up, by throwing empties into the garbage can from across the deck. That led me to an alcohol inspired revelation. It's not being bi-pedal, self-aware, opposable thumbs, tool creators, or chosen by god that sets homo sapiens apart. It's our ability to throw a strike!

Human can accurately throw things at targets from quite a distance. Even children can hit a 3'x3' square from 60-70 feet away with great consistency. In my younger days, I could repeatedly throw a ball 150 feet to someone and they wouldn't have to move to catch the ball. And I wasn't that good.

Early on we threw rocks at prey from a safe distance or as close as we could get before they ran. Later it turned to spears. That's what made us the dominant species so make sure you sign your kids up for Little League baseball.

Is there any other species that can propel objects such distances with such accuracy?

via International Skeptics Forum

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